Chris L- Testimonal


I first came to CrossFit South West Portland’s box two years ago in 2012. I was looking for a place to prepare for the rigors of my profession as a combat arms officer in the Army. What I found at CFSWP was a hardworking team of experienced coaches and a community of athletes from all backgrounds and at all levels of fitness that were welcoming, supportive and challenging of each other.

I trained primarily with Steve and Troy at CFSWP and each has a plethora of experience and training that has given them a diverse view on functional fitness. Their attention to Olympic form and the safety of their gym allows athletes to truly push themselves and improve their fitness regardless of age, level, and experience and without fear of injury.
My year working out at CFSWP reinforced my combat fitness and mental toughness, which paid dividends when I attended the US Army’s Infantry Officer Basic Course and the Ranger School in 2013. Having a powerful combat chassis (legs and core) helps me daily to push myself, carry more weight at a faster pace and lead from the front. The coaches at CFSWP took my goals into consideration and helped me create a program to reach them. I look forward to the next time I get to smash a WOD with the CFSWP team.

Chris L.
Lieutenant, US Army Infantry
Assault Platoon Leader

CrossFit SW Portland
Thanks Chris L. for sharing your experience at CFSWP, Congrats on your achievements! We love hearing from our members on how CF has changed their lives or helped them achieve their goals! We look forward to following your journey and hope to see you at the box for a workout when you are in town next! #Community #CFResults

Good nutrition + CF + Consistency = OUTSTANDING RESULTS!

Is it time to get started on a nutrition program or just get back on track? Start now for a leaner YOU this summer.

Many of our members follow an 80% Paleo Diet and have seen great success. If you are looking to start working on your nutrition program for the first time or get back on track, this is a great time to start.

We recommend reading:
Robb Wolf’s: 30 Day guide to Total Transformation ebook or now there is Primal Palate’s 30 day guide to help you jump start your nutrition program. To purchase your own copy and get started now, see links below.

Keep us posted on our CFSWP food facebook blog, we would love to cheer you on.

*We do have several nutrition & cook books that are paleo and zone friendly in our CFSWP library that we lend out to help you get started.

Chris never gave up and got his first ever C2B pull ups in 14.2!

Chris M. has been with CrossFit SW Portland for a little over a year and is doing the Open officially with two of his best friends this year. Although he had no chest to bar pull up experience, he did not give up and went for it and got several. Thanks Chris for sharing your experience. Your CFSWP family are all so proud of you and ALL of your accomplishments you have made this past year.


Last Friday our box had it’s open workout, 14.2. I showed up, ready to knock out my overhead squats and call it a day. I started kipping on the pull up bar though and people started cheering me on and giving me advice on changing my grip and other miscellaneous tips. I actually started to get close. I started the workout and with 2 minutes left on the clock I started trying to get a chest to bar pull up. I was getting close but just wasn’t contacting the bar. People were telling me I got it, but I didn’t feel it. I wanted a solid chest smashing into bar pull up, not a graze of my shirt on the bar pull up. The 3 minutes was up; chest to bar total so far? 0. I kept trying though and a few minutes later I got one. And another. Then another. I had to single them but I was getting them!

Once everyone finished that round of 14.2, I decided to go again. I breezed through the overhead squats and again had 2 minutes to try and get 1 rep of chest to bars that would count. I missed on the first couple attempts again. Then it happened; I got my first rep of chest to bars for 14.2. I wasn’t all that excited though, I wanted to get another one and I did. By the end of the 3 minutes I managed to get a total score of 14 for 14.2; four additional chest to bar pull-ups that I went into the box that day not expecting to get.
-Chris M.

Welcome Valentine Calvin to our CFSWP trainer team!


Val’s Fitness Philosophy:
I have always thought if it was socially acceptable to simply run everywhere like dogs do then we would all be in immaculate shape! For years I swore when I grew up I would have no furniture in my living room but instead only exercise equipment. Therefore, with no place to sit, if you wanted to watch TV you had to run, bike or hop on an elliptical. As I began to view life on a more holistic level, I realized the big picture is all a matter of balance. Most of us recognize the importance of physical activity and overall health but not all of us take action and many of us don’t know the appropriate action to take. Undoubtedly, in a fantasy world we would all prefer to be snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, hunting, fishing, hiking mountain tops, snowboarding, exploring the beauties of the world, or shopping for countless hours as our form of exercise. The reality of life simply puts you to the test, questioning how much time are you willing to invest in YOUR health? Don’t make daily exercise the most dreaded part of your day. Maintain your physical condition so when you do get the opportunity to do activities you enjoy most, you can experience them to the fullest.
Take a moment and ask yourself where on the priority list is your health? Yes, many of us would love to be the biggest, the fastest, the strongest but what are you willing to invest or change to simply be YOUR best? Do not let the fitness images of vanity overcome you, instead think of those most important in your life. How does your health affect both yours and theirs happiness? If you want to be elite and make it to the top great, if you simply want to meet your grandchildren and great grandchildren then you may have some lifestyle feng shui to re-arrange.
Recognizing health is not about the number on the scale or how you compare to top models, athletes, and actors, but instead how you view the reflection in the mirror and how you grow to become willing to accept your imperfections. Don’t make physical activity a chore. Find the most motivational factor that drives you to exercise especially on the days you don’t want to. There is always an excuse for everything and people will make time for what they want. Enjoy life, but the healthier and happier you are the more you can enjoy it to the fullest.

My Background:
I come from the middle of nowhere Oregon. If you think you are from Timbuktu challenge me and I’ll tell you the story. An hour from civilization, generator for power, no TV, no cell service, no phone lines, no phone period. No address, no school bus, no mail service. My father is a wild life biologist and my mother is a park ranger. I have always been active both recreational as well as family labor and don’t know anything different. My father always made me work. There was no quitting and there was no crying. His famous phrase is “Go find something productive to do!” I truly believe how and where I was raised shaped my perspective on life, health, and physical activity.

Growing up on a lake gave me the opportunity for water sports which are my favorite! I went from tubing (pretty extreme tubing) to kneeboarding, to wakeboarding, and wake surfing. Nothing puts me more at easy than being on or in the water! As far as other sports I was most involved with dance in the forms of tap, ballet, and jazz. After taking about 5 classes per week for 14 years I then taught classes for 5 years. Dance has given me a huge advantage as far as flexibility, spatial awareness, and fine tuning body manipulation. Minor adjustments can make all the difference in sport. In addition to dance, I was involved in track and field for several years primarily as a jumper, hurdler, and sprinter. After no longer being able to tolerate impact on bi-lateral stress fractures in my legs I transferred schools and joined the swim team instead; again, primarily as a sprinter excelling in freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke. Upon entering college at Oregon State University to pursue my degree in Exercise and Sport Science I walked onto the woman’s crew (rowing) team as a D1/PAC 10 athlete. Alongside with school, rowing, and working, I continued teaching dance classes and also became very involved in the ballroom dancing community. Experimenting with several styles of ballroom I discovered my favorites to be West Coast Swing, Night Club 2 Step, and Hustle. About this same time I became an active member of the OAHPERD (Oregon Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance) community. In addition, I also served several years with the United Spirits Association as a High School State Dance Team judge. 2009 is when I found Crossfit or Crossfit found me. I wouldn’t trade the success of the program or the people I meet for the world!. The simple science of being “constantly varied” allows people to continue experiencing physical gains in addition to not getting burnt out mentally. Bottom line… IT FREAKING WORKS!
The gist of the story: don’t let the glitter fool you I love the fluff but that don’t meant I ain’t tough. I’ve danced en pointe and I’ve hunted and gutted. I’m an open-minded spirit wanting to help people change their lifestyles in a holistic way.

Credential/Experience Highlights:

B.S. In Exercise and Sport Science

Crossfit L1 certified

2011 Southwest Regional Team Competitor

2012 Northwest Regional Team Competitor

2013 Oregon Winter Games 3rd place

2013 Reebok Crossfit  catalog model

2013 Northwest Regional Individual Competitor 19th place

Catch a class with Val Friday at 6am, 9am and some Saturday’s. Welcome to the team Val!

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Paleo Challenger Winners

Jan-Feb Paleo Challenge winner updates:

ALL did fantastic, excellent job to everyone who took on this challenge but we could only have 2 winners.

Jen C lost over 2.5 inches on her waistline and her performance went up by 73 points. David lost 2.2 inches and his performance went up by 15 points! Awesome work! Not everyone can win first but you are all winners for doing this challenge and staying with it! I am Inspired by you all! Because it was such a close race between 1st and 2nd … both for women and men runner up challengers will also get new CFSWP t-shirt- when they come in. Next generation are in the design stage.

Jen Cho Paleo Challenger winner- wins $150.00



David S. Men’s Paleo Challenger Winner: Wins $150.00

Runner up is Sam W and Huston H will also receive nutrition tracking log books.

Keep up those healthy eating habit for even more results in the months to come.

Excellent work all!

Superbowl Sunday hours and retesting for Challenge!

Start of week 4 of the strict paleo Challenge- KEEP GOING- Make this week count and remember why you started. You got this.

Retest SuperBowl Sunday- special hours.
Join us to retest/pictures/measurements Sunday at noon, KidFit 1:00pm, Oly and CrossFit 101 2:00pm. Gym closes at 3:00pm so our community can go watch the Superbowl.

Grand prize winners! To be able to win the grand prize you must retest and have measurements and pictures taken by end of day Monday Feb 3rd. Winners will be announced on Feb 4th.

GoodLuck. Make this week the best clean eating yet, then come in a crush your old Fight Gone bad time!




CrossFit SW Portland offers professional CF programming in a 6,300 sq ft facility, equipped with a shower room and changing room as well as a kid hang out area. We have plenty of room for you to come in and start crushing those 2014 fitness goals.

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